About the Owner
Born and bred here in Nashville, I decided to create this company out of my passion for creativity. Always one to appreciate a good party, I strive to bring southern charm to my entertaining approach.
Here are a few facts about me:
  • I have a niche for travel
  • Outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking keep my heart happy. 
  • Athena is my daughter, who is a 30 lb boxer mix, and a little bit of a hot mess. 
  • I get the greatest sense of satisfaction from daily organization of my planner
  • Lists keep me sane
  • I'm a salsa connoisseur, and a slight beer snob
  • I am constantly on the go, it's my lifestyle.
  • I am the oldest of three, younger sisters are Savannah 17, and Jada,11.
  • I love art, design, and painting (hence my love for coordinating and decorating weddings)
  • I tend to try and be a perfectionist, even though I know it isn't realistic
  • While my father and I reside here in Nashville, my mother and sisters live in Kentucky
Thank ya'll for helping me grow my business and live my dream of being a wedding and event planner!